A Bash script to install Firefox Dev Edition

Although this script is specifically for installing Firefox Dev Edition, it could easily be modified for other apps.

Another post on this blog explains how to install an Ubuntu app manually. While it's good to know what's going on with all those steps, this post puts all of that that article discusses into a reusable Bash script. This makes it very easy to keep an app like Firefox Dev Edition refreshed.

ubuntu bash

Using grep, curl, and tail to scrape data from a Web page

Use Linux utilities to automate the boring, and error-prone, things

Linux includes a ton of great utilities that make Bash scripts better. This post looks at how to use Curl, Grep, and Tail to fetch the latest release number of Firefox Developer Edition to automate its installation.

ubuntu bash

Install Source Code Pro font on Ubuntu

Source Code Pro is a great, free mono-spaced font. This article provides a Bash script for downloading and installing Source Code Pro on Ubuntu.

ubuntu bash fonts

Using Yank to copy command output

How to use Yank to copy command output to the clipboard.

ubuntu bash

How to fetch an .env file key value in a Bash script

How to fetch a key value from an .env file in Bash

bash regex